Outdoor Living

Creating a great outdoor living area is a fantastic way to increase your enjoyment of your home.  What can be better than going outside on a rainy evening, slipping into your 102 degree spa for a relaxing and invigorating soak, with the gentle rain falling all around?  Weather you add a beautiful swimming pool with cascading waterfalls and spa, a substantial stone patio with spectacular outdoor fireplace and trellis, or a hand crafted deck with lush landscaping…it all adds up to a great outdoor living experience.

At MastersTouch, we work with a team of extremely talented landscape architects who have the ability to take your desires and translate them onto a plan that is both beautiful and practical.  Then we turn the plans over to our dedicated construction crews, who transform your back or front yard into a great place to live.  Throughout this process, we communicate clearly and often with our clients, provide the highest level of integrity and quality control, and work with the best craftsmen in the industry.